Hi! My name is Philippe Chrétien. I’m a programmer, engineer, hacker, and dad. Since 1999, I have been posting all kinds of gizmos, hacks, and other projects on my blog, basbrun. I’m also a big fan of instructables

In the spring of 2015, I launched a Kickstarter to help lower the costs of my latest project, the Fibonacci Clock. My goal was to find maybe a dozen other geeks but, much to my surprise, it ended up going viral. Orders kept coming in after the end of the campaign so, inspired by all the enthusiasm, I launched GeekOClock as a way to continue offering the clock and its various kits and materials. About a year later came the Base4 Clock, the Fibonacci Clock’s little sister.

Nowadays I’m working on another invention that I will be releasing soon. This time it won’t be a clock but, as always, it’s going to be open source, hackable, and geeky as hell!